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BigBilly 3 years ago
Imagine getting paid to stare at a microwave for ten minutes
4 years ago
Is the mum blind and deaf?
Elon Musk 3 years ago
She AFK or something?
I3igbutterybagel 4 years ago
So you tellin me she was deadass lookin for something for 9 whole minutes?
Not a hater jus straight up 4 years ago
Dis bitch can't suck dick to save her life fucking demoted bitch
3 years ago
wow...after all that moaning and chair squeaking the mum didn't hear or see a thing...but as soon as she whispers something, the mum turns around so fast!
i love pussy 4 years ago
the mom in so dumb
look in the microwave
bruh bruh bruh 3 years ago
lol at ppl saying it's fake. the biggest facepalm ever.
Sauce 3 years ago
Who the fuck puts cereal in a pitcher?!
Non 4 years ago
Lit intro